Entering Game Scores on Team Snap Tournaments

With the launch of our new game scheduling platform, there is a change to how game scores will be entered. We hope this is a more convenient and effective way to get results posted in real time.

Assigned scorekeepers for each team will now enter game scores via the Team Snap Tournaments phone APP. Here is the procedure for submitting your game results for posting online:

  1. Head coaches will be assigned “Scorekeeper” admin access to Team Snap Tournaments platform by the LMRL Webmaster. It is up to your Association President to submit your coaching list to the LMRL Webmaster in order for them to obtain access.
  2. Scorekeepers for HOME teams will enter official scores into Team Snap (via their phone app) as based on official game scoresheets.
  3. Scoresheets must be sent into the Division Coordinators — for pre-season exhibition games, and to the LMRL Referee-in-Chief — for regular league games.

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