New course and reminders for Coaches

Introduction to Officiating
We are pleased to announce that the Introduction to Officiating Course is now live!
This course is designed to allow coaches in U14 Club and below to learn the skills required to be able to officiate games for this season only. Please see the Coaching page for information on registration.
Coach Attendance and Certification
With the current cohort restrictions, decreased capacity for volunteerism, and an increase in COVID-19 cases across BC, Ringette BC is aware that coaches may need or be required to be absent from their team events. In the event that a coach from one of your teams is unable to attend an event, if officiating after taking the course above, or is under isolation for a period of time, coaches with the following, minimum, requirements can be used to fill their positions on the bench during games, or at practice temporarily.

These coaches must

The minimum qualifications above do not apply to full-time, rostered coaches, nor can they be used to satisfy the Female Coach requirement on a long-term basis.
This is also a great way to recruit more coaches into your association, who will then be further along their coach certification pathway, and have fewer steps to complete, in future seasons.
As a reminder, Ringette Canada and Ringette BC require that there always be two screened and NCCP trained or certified coaches with an athlete, especially a minor athlete, when in a potentially vulnerable situation such as in a locker room or meeting room. All one-on-one interactions between a coach and an athlete must take place within earshot and in view of the second coach except for medical emergencies. One of the coaches must also be of the same gender as the athlete. Should there be a circumstance where a second screened and NCCP trained or certified coach is not available, a screened volunteer, parent, or adult can be recruited.

Rebecca Tamil Selven
Technical Director