COVID guideline update November 23rd 2020

Ringette BC has issued a statement following the latest Provincial health orders. Here is what it means for LMRL: 

LMRL-scheduled games:

  • There will be no LMRL scheduled games between associations or zones in the next two weeks.
  • On December 7, this will be re-assessed based on health orders and RBC direction. However, it is highly unlikely that LMRL-scheduled games will happen before our Christmas break, which is December 21 – January 2. So, we can hope to unroll our inter-association game schedule out in January if all is well.

Associations who want to play games:

  • Over the next few weeks, and as per direction from RBC, Associations can schedule games/scrimmages for the teams in their associations.
  • Coaches are not allowed to schedule games on their own.
  • Understandably, game play may not be possible given each team/association’s circumstances. Fun-natured, mixed team scrimmages may be a solution for you.
  • Game play is not required, and is optional for teams and associations wanting to get some games in.
  • Associations are responsible for scheduling referees who registered with their association. Follow the cohort model (they can be in two cohorts).
  • Associations need to create cohorts of up to four teams in their association. Keep in mind the RBC insurance rules (athletes cannot play against others two divisions above them).
  • “Zoned Club” teams will need to pick one of their Associations to be their host for game play in a cohort – and stick with it (“Zoned Club” teams are teams formed by two associations in the same zone. These are not zone teams).

Zone teams who want to play games: 

  • Players can play where they are registered, regardless of which health authority region they are in. Athletes on zone teams can rejoin their team for practices and games in those zones (so long as facilities allow it).
  • Zone teams can play games across divisions with other teams in their Zone. For example, in Zone 3: U14 vs U16, and U16 vs U19. U19 Zone teams can also play an 18+A team if there is one in their zone. This is because A teams are considered to be competitive (like zone program).
  • Whichever Association is providing the ice is the “governing authority” of the zone ringette activity and will be responsible for scheduling and providing officials.
  • As per sport rules, zone teams are unable to compete against club teams. The only exception is that U19 Zone teams can complete with 18+A teams, if they are in the same zone.

click on link below for full RBC statement

RBC COVID Update November 23