The LMRL is pleased to have recently received $3,195 from the World Ringette Championships (WRC) Legacy Fund.
The LMRL hosted the international event in 2019 in Burnaby, where volunteers from around the Lower Mainland worked to put on a first-class event. Funds raised from hosting the championships were re-distributed to the ringette community in the form of the WRC Legacy Grant, awards going towards grassroots projects to promote and develop ringette at the community level.
The award comes at a time when LMRL members are looking to find ways to develop the skills of community-based ringette players and coaches during challenging times. Predicting a close-to-normal ringette season this fall, additional programs will help athletes fine tune their skills and adjust to game play once more.
The funding will go towards supporting athlete development opportunities, delivered across all four zones of the LMRL via two programs named Ring Stars and Kids in Goal.
The goal is to offer two Ring Stars sessions along with one Kids in Goal workshop in each of LMRL’s four zoned regions.
Ring Stars — Over a fun one-hour session, LMRL’s instructors share shooting skills and tips that every aspiring ringette player wants to know. Aimed at community-level athletes at the U12 and U14 levels and prioritizing fun, athletes will learn the perspective of both a shooter and a goaltender. What does it take to reach the top… corner? Athletes will finish the clinic with a shooting competition, earning prizes and having a blast. Coaches in attendance will learn shooting tips and tricks as well.
Kids in Goal — In this unique ringette goaltending program, community ringette coaches at the U12 – U16 level learn the fundamentals of ringette goaltending. The program, offered over three hours, includes a one-hour off-ice classroom portion and incorporates an hour of on-ice learning followed by a live goaltending clinic. Coaches gain confidence in working with goaltenders by hearing from ringette goaltenders themselves. Participants will come away from the clinic with a better understanding of how to work with and train goaltenders on their U12 – U16 community teams. Goaltenders will gain additional athlete development opportunities.
Watch for more information on our website about how you may attend these ringette clinics this fall.
Shannon Bettles
Lower Mainland Ringette League