On July 1, Step 3 of the BC Restart 2.0 began for the Province of BC. This Stage of the reopening provides a further loosening of restrictions for indoor sport and required COVID-19 tasks. The Return to Ringette Guidelines have been updated to reflect the details released so far that pertain to this latest step in the BC Restart.
When reviewing the updated Guidelines there are a number of requirements that have been removed in the update for Step 3 such as the Outbreak Response Plan. Under the new Step the responsibilities on organizers has loosened.
However, Ringette BC would like to recommend that Associations continue to recommend that their participants wear masks off the field of play, maintain attendance tracking to help manage group size and continue to require participants to wash their hands and remind them to stay home if they are feeling sick.
Here is a brief overview of new restrictions for Step 3:
• General Update:
o COVID-19 Safety Plans are no longer required. Replaced with Communicable Disease Plans.
o Masks are recommended for anyone 12 years of age or older who has only had one vaccination when indoors.
o Indoor Gatherings:
-50 people or 50% capacity of the facility whichever is greater
o Outdoor Gatherings
-5000 people or 50% of the facility whichever is greater
o Continue to stay home if sick
-Sport – Specific Updates:
o Indoor Sport:
-All ages can participate
-Contact is permitted
-Permitted activities include: games, scrimmages, training and practices with contact, etc.
-Spectators are permitted must follow capacity requirements.
-Masks are recommended off the field of play.
o Outdoor Sport
-All ages can participate
-Contact is permitted
-Permitted activities include: games, scrimmages, training and practices with contact, etc.

Under Step 3 Gym Ringette and Come Try Ringette can return along with other community engagement events. If your Association is hosting Come Try Ringette in the coming weeks please reach out to Ringette BC and contact Grace Okamura at Sportdevelopment@bcringette.org for more information or visit the Come Try Ringette and Gym Ringette pages on the Ringette BC website.
Ringette BC is still waiting for the viaSport Return to Sport Chart 2.0 to be released with the Step 3 updates. We are sharing what we know to allow for adjustments to be made. Ringette BC will provide an updated Return to Ringette Guidelines 2.0 once the viaSport update has been released.
Ringette BC will be providing a template Communicable Disease plan next week to help Associations with their planning and maintain the safety of your participants.
Other items to note related to COVID-19:
1. The State of Emergency has ended.
2. The COVID-19 liability protection for not –for-profit organizations has been extended to December 31, 2021.
3. Associations must continue to adhere to the restrictions of their facilities and Safety Plans are still required to     be in place.
4. Continue to maintain a COVID-19 Safety Officer to assist with the ongoing transition and changes to     restrictions.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Ringette BC will be updating the COVID-19 Resource Hub as new information is released from viaSport and the Provincial Health Officer.


Nicole Robb

Executive Director, Ringette BC