Please see the following note from Mike Kinar, President of Chilliwack Ringette: 

“Due to the current road conditions, fuel restrictions, flooding, and weather forecasts; Chilliwack Ringette Association has made the decision to suspend all game play until December 1st.
We will continue to hold practices, but will not be travelling outside our community for competitions.  Nor do we expect other Associations and officials to travel to our community.  Our intention is to work with other Associations and Coaches to reschedule any missed games.”  

Further to this, given the temporary fuel rationing in the Lower Mainland and in discussion with Ringette BC, we are providing the following flexibility in our game cancellation policy until December 1: 

If LMRL teams wish to proactively postpone their league games until after December 1 to assist with the fuel rationing and flood recovery efforts, it is an acceptable reason for game cancellation provided all of the usual cancellation procedures are followed, including providing advanced notice and informing all parties of the cancellation. 

It is expected that teams work to reschedule any games postponed. Roxanne will be updating the online cancellation form to track these requests.

Thank you,