Cancelling and Rescheduling Games

Game Cancelling and Rescheduling Policy

as per LMRL policy manual (updated 2019)

A. Game Commencement

  1. Every effort must be made to start a game on time and as scheduled. Any team failing to take the ice within five (5) minutes of the scheduled game shall:
  • a) Forfeit the game and game points,
  • b) Be liable to a fine of $100 payable to the League,
  • c) Be responsible for the cost of ice and referees (if the aggrieved Association submits a written request for the actual expenses incurred),
  • d) Be subject to suspension unless a satisfactory reason is presented, and e) Submit a game scoresheet with written explanation why the game was not played. Upon receipt of the game scoresheet, the League will decide if a team is responsible or if the situation was mutually unavoidable.

B. Rescheduling

  1. No game may be cancelled with less than 72 hours’ notice except under emergency conditions.

Games should only be cancelled/rescheduled under emergency conditions, which are defined as extreme or unusual circumstances:

  • Extreme or unusual circumstances may include such things as adverse or dangerous weather conditions, power outages, venue problems, traffic accidents, officials late or not in attendance, venue/game double bookings, or an illness epidemic affecting an entire team.
  • Coaches should anticipate athlete illness, injury and coach or player/goalie absences –these are not reasons for cancellations. Bench staff should plan for these expected situations and make provisions to find replacements so that games may be played as scheduled.
  • Teams must exercise player call ups and exhaust all other opportunities prior to rescheduling.
  • Teams may request reschedule if they have fewer than 7 players after exhausting all options. They must play if they have 7 players available.
  • Teams may request reschedule if they have no coach available after exhausting all options to find a replacement qualified bench staff.
  • With less than 72 hours’ notice the cancelling team will forfeit the game; however, teams may still reschedule the game as an exhibition game.
  • Cancelling team will pay the referees if cancelled with less than 72 hours’ notice; in situations where an extreme weather advisory has been issued, referees will not receive payment when less than 72 hours’ notice is given.

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