What is Ringette?

Ringette — a fast team sport on ice!

Ringette is a fast-paced team ice sport.

The goal of a ringette game is for one team to outscore their opponent. A goal is scored when the ring crosses the goal line into the net.

Ringette is often compared to ice hockey because they are both team ice sports where there are five players and a goalie per team on the ice at one time. There are also officials to make sure the rules of the sport are followed.

Strategies of ringette are similar to other team sports such as hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Ringette is unique because players must pass over blue line markings on the ice surface. Also, body contact is discouraged and penalized, and players have only 30 seconds to get a shot on their opponents net.

The result is a face-paced game where athletes must be agile skaters, excellent passers, and strong shooters. Because players have superior stick control over the ring, goaltenders must develop to be patient, quick and agile in order to make saves.


About LMRL

Lower Mainland Ringette League is a registered non-profit society that administers and organizes league competition between ringette teams in the geographic zone commonly known as the Lower Mainland of the province of British Columbia.

LMRL promotes the development of the sport within it's member communities.

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