Attention all Division Managers and DOCs. Meeting dates have been set for this week as follows:

Monday, 27 – 8-9 PM, OPEN

Tuesday, 27 – 7-8 PM, U10

Tuesday, 27 – 8-9 PM, U12


Sunday, Oct 3 – 7-8 PM, U14

Monday, Oct 4 – 7-8 PM, U16

Monday, Oct 4 – 8-9 PM, U19

Meetings will be held via ZOOM, links will be emailed to the appropriate members.

Division Managers and U10 – Open Community Stream coaches (one from each team) are asked to attend LMRL’s pooling meetings, which help the league create meaningful competition between teams.


If head coaches cannot attend the virtual meeting for your division, please send another member of your coaching staff in your place. OR, you can email your Division Manager  indicating where you think your team may fall in relation to other teams as we enter game play this season (if known).

Thank you!

Shannon Bettles